What is Kotlin

Kotlin is a general purpose, open source, statically typed " pragmatic " programming language for the JVM and Android that combines object-oriented and functional programming features. It runs on JVM and can be used anywhere, there Java is used today. It can be used to develop Android apps, server side apps and much more.

History of Kotlin

Kotlin was developed by JetBrains team. A project was started in 2010 to develop the language and officialy, first released on Fabruary 2016. Kotlin was developed under the apache 2.0 license.

Kotlin is influenced by other programming languages such as Java, Scala, Groovy, Gosu, etc. The syntax of Kotlin may not be exactly similar to JAVA, however, internally Kotlin is reliant on the existing Java Class library to produce wonderful results for the programmers. Kotlin provides interoperability, code safety, and clarity to the developers around the world.

Features of Kotlin

Following are some of the Feature of using Kotlin for your application development.

  Easy Language - Kotlin is a functional language and very easy to learn. The syntax is pretty much similar to Java, hence it is very easy to remember. Kotlin is more expressive, which makes your code more readable and understandable.

  Concise -Kotlin reduces writing the extra codes. This make Kotlin more concise

  Interoperability -Kotlin is mature enough to build an interoperable application in a less complex manner.

  Brand New -Kotlin is a brand new language that gives developers a fresh start. It is not a replacement of Java, though it is developed over JVM. It is accepted as the first official language of android development . Kotlin can be defined as - Kotlin = JAVA + extra updated new features.

  Null safety - Kotlin is null safety language. Kotlin aimed to eliminate the NullPointerException (null reference) from the code.Interoperable.

Disadvantages of Kotlin

Following are some of the disadvantages of Kotlin.

  No Static Declaration -Kotlin does not have usual static handling modifier like Java, which can cause some problem to the conventional Java developer.

  Namespace declaration -Kotlin allows developers to declare the functions at the top level. However, whenever the same function is declared in many places of your application, then it is hard to understand which function is being called.