A thread can be in one of the five states. According to sun, there is only 4 states in thread life cycle in java new, runnable, non-runnable and terminated. There is no running state.
But for better understanding the threads, we are explaining it in the 5 states. The life cycle of the thread in java is controlled by JVM. The java thread states are as follows
1) New
2) Runnable
3) Running
4) Non-Runnable (Blocked)
5) Terminated / Dead

  • New State

    Once we created a thread object then it is said to be in New or Born State.

  • Runnable State

    If we call start() method on thread object then the thread will enter into Ready State or Runnable State.

  • Running State

    If Thread Scheduler allocates CPU for thread then thread will enter into Running state.

  • Non-Runnable (Blocked)/Wating State

    This is the state when the thread is still alive, but is currently not eligible to run.

  • Terminated / Dead State

    If run() method completes then thread will enter into Dead State.

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