Kotlin Environment Setup

However, if you want to use Kotlin , then you must have java (java 6 + ) installed and configured on your system.

  To install JDK and set path of JDK and JRE click here.


Setting Kotlin Path

Follow the steps

  Step 1 - Download the Kotlin Compiler from GitHub click here to download

  Step 2 - Extract downloaded zip in any location (in mycase c drive)

  Step 3 - Go to bin folder and Copy the path up to bin directory of kotlinc


  Step 4 - Open Desktop and Right click on ThisPC

  step 5 - Click on Advanced system settings Click on Environment Variables...

  step 6 - Click on New...

  Step 7 - Enter the details
Variable Name : path
Varibale value : path of kotlin bin directory.

  We have successfully installed kotlin , now open cmd and type kotlinc