Installing java software

Before compiling and executing java program we have to install java on our system.
To install java, we have to download jdk(Java Software) software from internet.
Download the software from internet based on your operating system.
To download the software open the following web site.
Download Java SE 8(1.8)
The software is different for 32-bit operating and 64-bit operating system.
Refer in below pic

For 32-bit operating system please click on 
Windows x86:- 32- bit operating system 

For 64-bit operating system please click on 
Windows x64:- 64-bit operating system
Now download it.......

Step1) Check Now,

After installing the software the, java folder is available in the following location.

Local Disk (C): ------>program Files or program Files(x86)-------->java---->jdk
(java development kit), jre (java runtime environment).

In order to check whether the java is installed in your system or not? -Go to the command prompt. -To open the command prompt
Start ---------->run------>type: cmd----->ok

Command prompt is opened.

  1) Press (WindowKey+R) to open run

  2) Type cmd and press ok.

  3) A command prompt is opened.

Step 2)

Now, In the command prompt type : javac If you see,

  'javac' is not recognized is an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

  Whenever we are getting above information at that moment the java is installed but the java is not working properly because path is not set.


Whenever we type javac command on the command prompt

  Operating system will pickup javac command search it in the internal operating system calls. The javac not available in the internal command list .

  Then operating system goes to environment variables and check is there any path is set or not. Up to now we have not set any path. So operating system does not know anything about javac command because of this reason we are getting error message.

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