Installing C

There are N number of compilers available for c and c++. we have to download and use any one of them. In this tutorial we will use Turbo C Software and Code Block IDE to work and learn C Programming Language.

Installation of Tarbo C Software

Installation of TC is very simple just download turbo C or C++ and run the setup file and then click next to install .

1) To download Tarbo C click here

2) Extract the downloaded file .

3) Run the setup.exe file.

After Installation of TC

When you install the Turbo C compiler on your system, then TC directory is created on the hard disk and various sub directories such as INCLUDE, and LIB etc. are created under TC.

  INCLUDE -Contain the header files of C.

  LIB- Contain the library files of C.

  BGI - Contain Graphics related files.

  BIN- Contain .exe, .obj etc files.