There are N number of compilers available for c and c++. we have to download and use any one of them. In this tutorial we will use Turbo C Software and Code Block IDE to work and learn C Programming Language.

  • Installation of Tarbo C Software

    Installation of TC is very simple just download turbo C or C++ and run the setup file and then click next to install .

    1) To download Tarbo C click here

    2) Extract the downloaded file .

    3) Run the setup.exe file.

  • After Installation of TC

    When you install the Turbo C compiler on your system, then TC directory is created on the hard disk and various sub directories such as INCLUDE, and LIB etc. are created under TC.

    After Installation of TC
    • INCLUDE -Contain the header files of C.

    • LIB- Contain the library files of C.

    • BGI - Contain Graphics related files.

    • BIN- Contain .exe, .obj etc files.

What next?

The next topic is Learning Tarbo C Editor

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