Features of java

There is many features of java .These features also known as buzzwords .

Important Features of Java

1. Simple
2. Object Oriented
3. Platform Independent
4. Architectural Neutral
5. Portable
6. Robust
7. Secure
8. Dynamic
9. Distributed
10. Multi threaded
11. Interpretive
12. High Performance


Java is a simple programming language because :

  Java technology has eliminated all the difficult and confusion oriented concepts like pointers, multiple inheritance in the java language.

  The C , CPP syntaxes easy to understand and easy to write. Java maintains C and CPP syntax mainly hence java is simple language.

  Java takes less time to compile and execute the program due to JIT (Just in Time ) compiler.

Object Oriented

Object-oriented means we organize our software as a combination of different types of objects that incorporates both data and behaviour.
Object-oriented programming(OOPs) is a methodology that simplify software development and maintenance by providing some rules. Basic concepts of OOPs are:







Platform Independent

Compile the Java program on one OS (operating system) that compiled file can execute in any OS(operating system) is called Platform Independent Nature . The java is platform independent language.
The java applications allows its applications compilation on one operating system that compiled (.class) file can be executed in any operating system.

Architectural Neutral

There is no implementation dependent features e.g. size of primitive types is fixed.
In C programming, int data type occupies 2 bytes of memory for 32-bit architecture and 4 bytes of memory for 64-bit architecture. But in java, it occupies 4 bytes of memory for both 32 and 64 bit architectures.
The Java Programs are get compiled on one operating system , generated .class files will be executed on different Operating System.


In Java technolgy the applications are compiled and executed in any OS(operating system)and hence we can say java is a portable language.


Any technology if it is good at two main areas it is said to be Robust :
1 .Exception Handling
2 . Memory Allocation
JAVA is Robust because :

  Java Programming Language has very good predefined Exception Handling mechanism . Java Programmers can handle Run Time error by using the concept of Exception Handling.

  Java Programming Language has very good Memory Management System . Memory for objects are get allocated at run time and unused memory are released by Garbage Collector( Java Thread).


To provide implicit security Java provide one component inside JVM called Security Manager.
To provide explicit security for the Java applications Java programming language has very good predefined library in the form of java.Security.package.
Java Programming language has Web security for web applications in the of JAAS(Java Authentication and Authorization Services) for distributed applications.


Java is dynamic technology it follows dynamic memory allocation.


Using java program we can create Distributed Applications and connect two or more devices together to share resource like message ,media,images etc.
java.net package provides all the classes to work with networking.


Thread is a light weight , independent module of large program.

  If any technology allows executing single thread at a time such type of technologies is called single threaded technology.

  If any technology allows creating and executing more than one thread than such type of technology is called multi-threaded technology.

  Java Programming allows to create and execute more than one thread at same time. so java is multi threaded .


Java interpreter is used to convert byte-code into machine code.

High Performance

Java is faster than traditional interpretation since byte code is "close" to native code still somewhat slower than a compiled language (e.g., C++)

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